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Returning Series 1 Seasons - 6 Episodes
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A Girl and a Cosmonaut is a science fiction series from 2023 starring Magdalena Cielecka and Vanessa Aleksander.

A Girl and an Astronaut  streaming, In the Polish science fiction series A Girl and a Cosmonaut from Netflix, cosmonaut Niko returns from a space mission after 30 years. However, he has not aged a day.

Complete storyline and information about A Girl and a Cosmonaut.

30 years ago, two young men fight for the heart of their beloved Marta. It should not be the only competition between them. For both Bogdan and Nikodem are experienced pilots who want to be selected for a space mission. Niko finally gets the post. But he has to give up Marta for it. Due to a technical defect, his mission will not go as planned.

Marta’s emotional life is completely upended when she learns in the present that Niko has returned from space after 30 years. While the love between them is rekindled, Niko is targeted by a powerful corporation that wants to find out what happened to the cosmonaut. For Niko has not aged a day in 30 years.


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Season 1
1 Image Épisode 12023
2 Image Épisode 22023
3 Image Épisode 32023
4 Image Épisode 42023
5 Image Épisode 52023
6 Image Épisode 62023
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